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Our Content is Completely Student Produced

Meredith College Student Media aims to foster an environment where students can express themselves creatively while implementing the skills they are learning in classes. Even though Meredith College Student Media is by the Communication Department we still allow students from other departments to participate. We are made up of four outlets which include:
  • Avenging Productions, a video platform
  • Hark, our podcast platform​
  • Fount and Fauna, a blog hub
  • Wings and Things, a platform for additional content. 

Avenging Productions will serve as the platform for all video content. This is meant to be a starting place for a newscast that will be completely shot, edited, and produced by students. A news cast will be uploaded to the channel once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters once our new studio is built.


Hark is a podcast platform that is completely recorded, edited, and produced by students. The episodes are meant to have a feature tone and center around topics relevant to our community. Episodes will be uploaded to the page periodically during the school year.


Fount & Fauna covers art, culture, sports, food and more. Our team of skilled student bloggers are passionate about what they do and are here to provide you with insightful stories about the topics that interest you the most. Blog posts will be made throughout both semesters.

Additional Content

Wings & Things covers all aspects of media that aren't covered by our more traditional and structured content areas. From poetry to crosswords and so much more, Wings & Things is the spot for more untraditional media!

Our Media Outlets

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Kristina Cardenas
Ashleigh Millider
Content Creator
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Freya Dahlgren
Assistant Director
Caroline Garland
Hannah Schneider
Content Creator
Madeline Allred
Podcast Host
Destiny Eudy
Social Media
Chapel Bartee
Chapel Bartee
Podcast Host
Lauren King
Podcast Host

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