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Hannah Schneider

Puppy Litter

This is a series of photographs taken a couple of weeks ago of a (then) month old pit-mix litter. Their poor mom is all skin and bones because she can’t get enough calories in to take care of all eight puppies. Sadly, two puppies died at birth, with the mom having to have an emergency c-section to deliver after one got stuck mid-birth. They are all adorably named after bugs (like Ladybug, Junebug, and Grasshopper). They had a lot of feisty puppy energy in them but quickly wore out after dinner time (when they then piled on top of each other for comfort and warmth).

Their foster mom, Susan, takes in any moms in need of care and has fostered countless litters (often at once) while still working her day job at SAS. I am really inspired by the work that individuals like her commit to when taking care of dogs in need and fostering. I know that a lot of our shelters are overcrowded and struggling right now with individuals returning to work and not being able to take care of their pandemic puppy anymore. The demand for adopting isn’t what it was two years ago with the beginning of lockdown. 


Hopefully, these images will bring a little extra joy to those who see them as the second half of the semester begins.