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Barbie Taking the Stage Embracing Disability

Hello you crazy Adventurers! Here is one for all the fashion and beauty lovers!

In early 2019, Barbie announced their new diverse line of dolls with disabilities.

According to CNN, Mattel’s new barbie line is to “help fight the stigma would

disabilities” (CNN). This is beyond a major step in a huge direction to move the world

more accessible. Having a wheelchair, prosthetic legs, or an invisible disability. This says

to me that these characteristics are beautiful, fierce, and bold. When I was playing with

barbie as a child, I wondered why I was not blond, a blue eye, physically able. In turn, let

me question what beauty standards are in the world. I thought having any type of

disability was a weakness at one point in my life. Yet, In reality, it’s a strength to

embrace your uniqueness.

“As a brand, we can elevate the conversation around physical disabilities by including

them in our fashion doll line. To further a multiple-dimensional view of beauty and

fashion” Mattel said in [in the CNN statement].

This is an empowerment statement to communicate to other companies to embrace

diversity. As a society, we should consider a core component to any company. disability

shouldn't diverse measure to check off on the social corporate responsibility box. This is

a conversation that strives to improve the negative stigma of disabilities and beauty

society sets.

Keep Soaring,


Source: CNN barbie article

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