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Lately I have been so interested in trying new restaurants and new foods. This led me to trying “Brecotea”. This baking studio is located in Cary and is very popular. I was surprised to walk in and see so many people sitting down and in line. The studio is decorated with light up signs, paintings, and gives off the new modern look as soon as you step foot in the door.

I was very surprised to see that not only do they sell boba, but they also sell an abundance of bakery items. It was hard for me to decide what items I wanted to purchase because they had so many different options, many that I had never heard of before. I took about three laps around the display until I was able to narrow my decision down to three items. It is very neat that it is self serve as it allows you to really contemplate what you want without feeling rushed.

Not only did they have many bakery items but they also had all of the items behind the boba bar. This not only included the long menu of boba but it also included many dessert items including Tiramisu which automatically grabbed my attention. The fact that the menu was so creative and long pushed me to want to go back to try the other items, and since my first visit I have been back three times. A very good sales tactic.

Not only was the food and boba amazing, but the customer service was very good as well. It felt very welcoming and the workers looked like they were happy to be there which created very positive and happy vibes making it a homy and welcoming experience. No wonder there were so many customers of all different ages enjoying their time there. This is something that I would recommend to anyone, it will be an incredible experience.

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