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CSA Day at Meredith College

Meredith College, a private women's liberal arts college in Raleigh North Carolina just announced today that they will be holding their next CSA day on April 7th, 2023. This event is all day long and is always expected to have many attending as it is held throughout Meredith Colleges campus. Celebrating Student Achievement day has become one of the largest events on Meredith Colleges campus. This is a key reason many students decide to attend this college as they advertise it to everyone interested in attending this college. Meredith College shows their support and directs their attention to these students as they are able to present their research to anyone who would like to attend. These presentations can include research presentations, posters, performances, creative projects, awards, exhibits, and more. Not only is this a time for students to express themselves and their hard work, but it is an opportunity for others to feel motivated to do the same.

Due to the importance of this day, all classes are closed for the day encouraging others to support their fellow classmates and their achievements that they have worked so hard on. This year CSA day was even more special since it was the first time since COVID-19 that we were able to support each other in person. As we Celebrated our Student’s Achievement we wanted this opportunity to be open to anyone. It was available for students to join by zooming in, or you could (and still can) visit Virtual CSA day to access all videos from the program. My PR class was able to contribute to this event as we volunteered to help ensure everything went smoothly and was organized. Many students have dedicated so much time and effort into these projects and information, so every position was very important. As a team we worked together and contributed to CSA day, allowing our strong students to feel the support and love they needed on this special day

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