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Updated: Aug 28, 2021

“My father taught me that learning is an endless process, and that there is no limit to the amount of knowledge a person can contain. You are never too old to learn something new, or too young to learn too much.” — Suzy Kassem

Here at Meredith College, learning has no age limit, as evidenced by the Wings program. The Wings program, adult education for women, assist students aged twenty-three and up to acquire the college education desired. No matter the level previously obtained, Meredith College loves to assist the adult student in moving further. Presently, there are eighty-two women in the program which offer students opportunities for a first-time degree, degree completion, second degree, re-admission, and non-degree opportunities. Helping students to be successful, Tom Manning, Director of Wings, offers coaching, support, connects students with staff, and directs them to campus resources. Since, the struggles of maneuvering college life and challenges at home can be stressful for adult students, realizing there is support encourages these women. Also, connecting with other adult students is an added technique of discovering support, and socials, such as Connections and Conversations Dinner, the Spring Picnic, and Silver Bells, accomplish this. These non-academic socials, hosted by Tom Manning, provides an opportunity for the women to meet people facing some of the same difficulties. Denise Parker, Associate Director of Alumnae Relations, co-hosts the Connections and Conversations Dinner, a dinner in which alumnae join current students and share their success stories, and permits current students to obtain outside connections. The students who decide to attend the Spring Picnic are encouraged to invite family to meet their fellow peers. Finally, Silver Bells held before graduation recognizes seniors and allows underclassmen to share in their successes. The oldest graduate to date was seventy-eight years young, and she attends several of these events offering her knowledge and encouragement to current students. The Wings program encourages non-traditional students to soar and acquire their many goals.

By: Barbara Daniel

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