Improving Your Mental Health, One Tradition at a Time!

To honor one of the biggest traditions happening here at Meredith this week, I figured I’d talk about two of the biggest ones and why they are so important to your student life, developing relationships, and how they help you be the best version of yourself. No matter what year you are, how old you are, or who you know, the traditions are meant to be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone. Corn is a big festival with so many activities to do that have been passed down by past students and faculty. This festival was started in 1945 and used to be before halloween. The Onyx is a symbol of Meredith and is our class ring. Wearing the Onyx means you’ve accomplished so much at Meredith and it is recognized everywhere you go.

The tradition of the Onyx lasts a whole week long, as it should, being that students work so hard for it and it is long awaited! Everyday you wear a different ring to classes that each has some kind of relation to Meredith and your class year. The Onyx can grant a sense of accomplishment for juniors and seniors and it recognizes all your hard work. This can be such a good feeling especially to students since a semester at Meredith is no walk in the park. When someone struggles with mental health, being rewarded for things big and small can make such a change in someone's mind, no matter what they are struggling with. For underclassmen (freshman and sophmores), the Onyx can give you the motivation you might need to get out of bed and go to class. It gives you something to look forward to if you have nothing else.

Corn is also a tradition that can help bring you out of a dark place and distract you from anything going on in your life. The sense of unity that this tradition can bring is so important and I know my FOMO (fear of missing out) made me want to get out of bed and join in on the festivities. Being surrounded by all your sisters at corn can also show you that you are surrounded by family and that you have a support system. This can be a really good feeling to those who might not have that at home. The traditions, Corn and getting the Onyx, can help your mental health if you look at all the positives it brings, so get out there this week if you haven’t already and watch all the joy it brings and just revel in it! And if someone hasn’t told you already, I’m proud of where you are in life and you’re right where you need to be!

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