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Media Today Will Define the Entertainment of the Future

Who doesn't love Youtube? Youtube is a huge platform where you can find videos which have either gone viral, or are in the process of getting to that point. Webvideo has made it so easy to do what you love and put it on a platform to show others. This leads to videos going viral in seconds and being able to share your creativity with others. I have learned so much and gained so much creativity from watching others and seeing different techniques and what people like to do for fun. Unexpectedness is definitely a key factor because when people find something they love without even looking for it or without knowing what will happen in the video next, they love it even more. Same thing with me, I love watching many youtuber’s videos and many go very viral and are very successful meaning I am not the only one who enjoys them. I enjoy watching many of my favorite youtubers because they are very entertaining and all over the place. Not only that but I have been committed to watching many of them for years so I have developed a sense of commitment to their content.

I love looking at my feed because I can never predict what will be on there. It will all be similar to something that I like based on my preferences, who I follow, or who I am subscribed to; but I will never know what actual videos will be out because there are so many being published every week and are circulating constantly. This creates engagement as we are curious on what we may see or come across. Videos that I like to watch are typically of the same genre, but from different creators so they are all completely different because all these creators have completely different mindsets, viewpoints, and creativity. You can watch 5 videos about the same thing but it still feels different because of how each of those creators made it their own due to their creative preferences and personalities. This being so empowering and encouraging as it helps people be themselves and not feel like they have to act different or hide who they are.

Videos that I tend to find going viral on my page are more short and funny videos. I watch a lot of vlogs as well and those don't really tend to go viral unless their is a guest appearance on it. David Dobrik being a great example, all of his videos already go viral, but when he has a guest appearance from Justin Bieber or a Kardashian the views skyrocket. When watching Tik Tok I tend to see more funny videos than anything else. This showing that there is something for everyone as we read earlier our pages are customized to our liking and what we are interested in. Not only but it is a great way for people to express themselves and creates a platform for people show their creativity and do and express what they love.

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