Meredith College Holds Stunt

The time came and approached very quickly. Meredith College has always been known for their traditions and we value every single one of them. COVID-19 hit hard and took away a lot of those experiences that many had been looking forward to, so this was an amazing opportunity. Stunt made its return April 19th since 2019. This event is an incredible time to bring students of all years together for another great competition between our freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. To break down and explain what stunt is, its practically a field day with a lip sync battle as well. The lip sync battle, and dance is practiced by those who were committed in participating and is performed at the end of the event for all to see. This event is judged by 4 of our professors at Meredith College as they are the ones to decide who wins the event in the end. The rest of the events are activities that you would find at a field day, these include tug of war, three legged race, Dizzy bat, the egg walk etc. These classes compete against one another side by side and compete to get the most points possible. At the end of the event the winner is congratulated and awarded a trophy.

It was so nice to be able to participate in this event and feel like a group and team once again. The competitiveness was there as well as the support. While these events were going on it was so nice to see how supportive everyone was of each other even if they had just met them. I was able to see some old friends from my freshman year and reconnect with them, build new relationships, as well as contribute and focus on the strong relationships that Meredith College has brought me. It felt so nice to feel united as a class once again. As these events were running you could hear so many different voices cheering for their classmates, but as you were participating it made a difference to hear so many people cheering you on.

The Lip sync battles were incredible as every single class killed it! It was so nice to see how well the freshman did despite it being their first year! It was also very nice to see the seniors do their very last dance as they will be moving on to the next stages of their life. Something that I noticed was how different the songs were, I loved to see how these different songs were used to express each class and how unique the dances were. This is what helps us stand out and that is something the Junior class definitely succeed in doing. Each and every one of us in the dance wore a colorful wig for the dance helping us to bring out to goofiness in ourselves and realize that we are here to have fun and make incredible, unforgettable memories.

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