My Reflection on My Student Organization Campaign #youbelongmc

Hello again, I hope you soaring readers are doing well!

The student leadership organization, Angels for Disability Advocacy (ADA) hosted a week-long event. ADA is a student organization that commits to increasing accessibility. Also, providing a social circle for students on campus. This is my personal reflection on how it went. My campus tries to make changes. But, since it was grandfather after the American Disability Act of 1990. I realize that it takes a whole army to recruit to get funding. Yet, also start the conversation on improvement, and this is what this campaign did.

#youbelongmc was successful because of the smart strategies of quotes and educational content. For example, we highlighted how most handicap buttons have a high failure rate if not checked. A handicap button doesn’t take long to fix. But if it does fail, This becomes an obstacle for wheelchair users to have access to buildings and to travel. Without the technology of handicap buttons or elevators, this becomes a barrier. A barrier slows us down and affects our entire routine. Thus, as a college student makes us late to class even if it is by a few mere seconds. Those mere seconds could be vital in our transitioning as we are calming down and focusing. Technology can be a blessing and a curse but it is an essential component of a college student's busy life. That's all I will say - it is a double edge sword.

This is not a cry for help or a protest to provide more accessibility or do better. Yet, this

campaign emphasizes the importance of the conversation to value accessibility anywhere.

Accessibility is a core component of conversation. It affects the benefit of someone's life. The positive feedback that ADA received from students, faculty, and concerned alums. I am so proud of our organization! ADA and I push the boundaries to begin the conversation. This is how we can communicate how to apply it to every physical boundary in our way. I understand they’re a lack of budgeting and funding for these things but minor fixes can go a long way. But, let me ask you this - why does accessibility have to have a budget limit? Why

would you deny someone access to living life?

Keep Soaring,


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