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Property Name Change

As of now the property Latitude on Hillsborough has now been rebranded! This property was recently built in the summer of 2020 and has been actively housing residents since then. This property is located on Hillsborough street where Western Blvd and Hillsborough meet. It has been a pleasure to see how far the property has gone and how nice the property looks, as time has progressed it has been through many changes as well as many obstacles but the property has remained and is still standing.

Throughout this past year, many plans were difficult to accomplish due to the Coronavirus, as it put a stop to events that were being planned as well as reduced the flow of communication between residents and staff. This issue is hard to overcome and is very difficult as it is so necessary for there to be communication within an apartment complex. Many people have had mixed feelings about this apartment and it is crucial for management to be aware of issues, concerns, as well as praises.

Due to some issues with lack of communication, maintenance issues, and parking, the reviews have dropped significantly. The reviews were as low as a 2 Star. Due to these issues, the apartment did recently go through a whole management switch as CA ventures sold Latitude on Hillsborough to Peak Campus. This management switch was very recent as of this past December 2021.

Peak campus came in with the strive and intent to do better and show the residents the support they need and should be been receiving this whole time. As they came to take over they acknowledged that there were a lot of issues that needed to be fixed and immediately started to tend to them. The reviews have raised to a 2.4 Stars now so it is slowly but surely making progress. As a community assistant within the office, it is interesting to see how different the office is run between both management companies. There is definitely a lot more responsibility with this new management team but it does feel a lot more put together. Even though this has been so much work and so many surprises the new management team has handled it very well.

As the company is actively working on fixing latitude there has also been a lot of change with rebranding. Recently, as of Mar 31, 2022the apartment has now changed to Paloma Raleigh. As everything is being updated they were sure to put out a statement saying “While transitions don't happen overnight, our team will strive to make this community a premier experience. The future looks bright!” This was a very well-written statement acknowledging that there is still work to be done and room for improvement and that this is still something that they are working on. “In addition to the name change, you will see other value-add changes take place in and around the community as we work to enhance your living experience. We look forward to providing world-class service and quality apartment homes.” was stated in the email sent out to all of the residents.

Even though there are still some improvements that need to be made to the property it is important to understand that there are so many other tasks and the office is working the very best they can as efficiently as they can. The management team has done a very good job reaching out to residents with issues and have shown their care by the present communication! So excited for the transition!

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