Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is so powerful and useful in our everyday lives. Strategic thinking is known as a mental or thinking process applied by an individual in the context of achieving a goal or set of goals in a game or other endeavor. As a strategic thinker you can develop many characteristics such as, comprehensive information gathering, learning, critical thinking, innovative thinking, thinking in time, and systems thinking.

The social media plan development for step by step strategy was really relatable to the game “mafia”. The first step is goals, there is one main goal in the game and that is to find the Mafia killer. As time goes on we try to figure out who the doctor is as well and who all are townspeople but the main goal would be to find the Mafia killers. The next step is target market, the whole game is people trying to target others. The Mafia is trying to target townspeople as the townspeople are trying to target and figure out who is the Mafia. Messaging would be the time for al to converse. When everybody is talking with one another on who they think is a townsperson and who they think is putting on a front. The consumer journey would be the process as innocent townspeople are dying and as the Mafia continue to kill people off until they get caught. Lastly, point of difference would be described as the time when we are all able to gather and see who was appointed what position and find the difference in them. This game is always so much fun to play and was awesome to see how it relates to strategic thinking.

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