The Battle of Higher Education and People with Disabilities

Hello again, here is something to ponder on if you have someone with a disability trying to get a higher educational degree!

I came across this article that a Chinese Man with Cerebral Palsy graduated from the most prestigious school - Harvard Law school. Now when I came across this article when I was a senior in high school. My initial reaction was shocked because Harvard advertises their school as elite.

“Ding Zheng, who was born with cerebral palsy, worked hard and studied at top Chinese

university, Peking University and now is studying at Harvard law school” (CGTN).

My second reaction was hopeful because no matter what you can achieve anything if you have the drive. People with disabilities can be intelligent, hold high-salary jobs and get that promotions. As a community, we should not be discounted for being intelligent or told ‘[you] can’t do college or graduate school; you’re not smart enough.’


I know so many friends that are on their path to receiving their degrees. We can get an education and hold a job please don’t automatically assume we can’t. It might take longer, we learn differently from the rest of the class or use technology such as SpeakReader to retain the material. The barrier is an obstacle in our education or life in accessing things. However, we might take a different approach. This should NOT discredit us from receiving education to get to our dream or promotion. We can receive a higher education like anyone else. If you are a current college student with a disability don't get discouraged! the end result is worth the way and dedication. Your hard work will pay off to get to where you want to be. Do NOT give up!

To families and friends of someone you know that has a disability please don't ever give up on them. Be their cheerleader, their supportive and friend because we can get all the support we need. We will thank you later for it! It means the world to us! If you already supporting someone - continue to do it! We as a disability community thank you that you are an ally.

Keep Soaring,


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