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The Importance of Crisis Communication and Brand Messaging

In many of my classes we have spoken about communication methods and strategies we see throughout social media when studying different companies as they update and develop their accounts. I found this very interesting because you would see different methods and strategies for different companies, and they would use this to their advantage based on what they were trying to convey and what message they were trying to get across. This goes so in depth that many sometimes fail to realize how impactful and useful it can be at times. Brand messaging is a huge form of communication and very important when dealing with businesses and trying to get a word out. Brand messaging doesn’t just deal with services and special deals but it is meant to be that effective way to build a customer base. Many people make their decisions and connect with a brand based on connections from other brands or whatever tech can associate a connection with. Since brand consistency is so important it is very useful when companies are consistent with showing who they are partnered with. This keeps customers aware of the partnership and it sticks in their head as a pair. This will help a lot with sales. A brand story also helps customers develop a relationship, especially if they see your company making progress and have been with your company throughout those stages.

Using brand metaphors is a really good way to figure out more about company and maybe see different perspectives of how others view our company. Brand metaphors are so powerful and big on communication so they are a perfect way to show what a company is offering and the message they are trying to get across. It is about the importance for customers to feel like a company is relatable and that they can connect with it, when dealing with brand metaphors they help us to contemplate new ideas in a way that we can relate to. They help us to fully understand the brands significance. An example for Meredith College would be a tiger. I say this because we are all very independent and when I think of Meredith I think of being boujee. Tigers have always been looked up to in history and are viewed very highly, so some people may even consider then boujee on the scale that they were on because people who were very high up would have them as pets. Tigers always just look very independent because they don’t seem to really need anyone else. Another reason I would say Meredith College could be symbolized as a tiger is because one of our mottos is “Stay Strong”. If you were to look at animal species tigers are definitely very high up on that scale.

As brand messaging is so important when deaing with companies, it is important to be educated on forms of crisis communication for communication with any company, business, future customers, and current customers. Lack of crisis communication can lead to significant loss of customers and can even completely ruin a business. When a customer is offended or is not happy with the product or how a job was done they look for answers through the company. They need to feel heard and acknowledged. That is why we find crisis communication so important for the customers want and right to be and feel heard and respected. I have noticed that many companies like to sign off a message with their name at the end so that customers feel that the message is more personalized. This helps especially when customers are significantly mad about something. To acknowledge the problem is the first step. Once you have set a tone acknowledging the problem it makes the rest of the message easier to finish and send. The next step would be coming up with a solution. Once you come up with a solution or let them know to privately message you for the solution it shows that you are making an effort. Then lastly signing off with confidence and high hopes that the customer will still like the solution and will use your company or business again. This is not only important for that certain customer but for all customers who follow that site or are interested in your company. Many customers do their research on a company before fully trusting them so these comments and responses are so important and impactful. Brand Messaging and Crisis Communication go hand in hand in many ways as they are used to support and reinforce each other.

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