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Welcome to My Very Open Thoughts!

Hi! Nice to meet you, stranger! If you landed on this page by chance or refer by someone else.

Welcome to my blog! OR what I want to call my very open journal on disability advocacy and

critical subjects that matter to me. I was born and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy and I hope you join me on this journey.

This blog is to express disability issues, advocacy. This is to start a conversation on disabilities and media among your friends and family. Yet, you’re wondering who the author behind this page is. My name is Laurie Ponder, an exhilarating learner, writer, and content creator. I am starting the last semester of my undergraduate in North Carolina. I am concentrating in Public Relations and Mass Communication and a marketing minor. Besides school, I love hanging with friends, reading, and watching movies. Also, I will be dreaming of the next adventure where it might take me.

Keep Soaring,


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